Jacobs & Morawska Fine Art Consulting

The Art of Collecting and Investing in Art
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Private and Corporate Collecting

Private and Corporate Collecting

Private and Corporate Collecting

Jacobs & Morawska advises on the buying and selling of art and on the formation of museum-quality collections. The staff consists of former museum directors and curators, people with experience in molding some of the most famous collections in the world and dedicated to helping clients buy museum-quality art.


For new collectors, whether private or corporate, we help clients decide what their collecting goals should be and locate museum-quality work for them to consider for purchase. This includes accompanying clients to art galleries, museums, art fairs, international exhibitions, auction houses, and artists’ studios.


For all collectors, both private and corporate, we source and sell art. We locate art that clients would like to acquire, and we find buyers for art that they would like to sell. Most important, we are expert on where and when to buy and where and when to sell. 45 years of experience has resulted in our having a global network that ensures that our clients get the highest quality and the best prices.

For all purchases and sales we provide our clients with a written report explaining our recommendations, and educating clients on both the history, quality, and value of the art.

First and foremost, we consider ourselves as agents working on our clients’ behalf, and our fiduciary responsibility is entirely to them. We operate with total transparency and with total confidentiality.